You're never too young to write your first memoir
or read about the life of your grandparents.
Everyone has a story
Always there are people who want to know that story. Sometimes it’s for close family and friends. For others the appeal of the story is more widespread. Experience has shown me that a story can be of interest to a hugely differing number of people and Loose Chippings has produced books with quantities ranging from a dozen or so to many thousands of copies.
No matter how many copies is appropriate in your case, your story is important and deserves the best possible presentation. A hardback book is ideal as your story deserves to be cherished.
25 copies makes a gorgeous gift for your family and friends.
100 copies is ideal if you have a wide circle of friends through a busy career or social contacts.
500 copies is the point at which you can think of making money from your story.
I always provide an estimate of cost once I know the complete specification and understand exactly what a client wants. Much depends on the number of words, number of images, how they are placed in the document and if there are any constraints on page sizes or numbers.
Everyone has a story. Tell your story with Loose Chippings.
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