One of the things I enjoy about what I do is the varied nature of the projects I undertake. Each one brings its own challenges and solutions. Below you will find just some of the designs I have worked on, split into four categories.

Memoirs make up a large proportion of the books I design and publish. Above are just some of them - some have been published by Loose Chippings and others have been for clients who have sold and distributed the titles themselves. Below I detail three in particular.
Not Dark Yet. The second book I published and which has so far sold over 17,000 copies. Written by a genuine cricketer and a genuine cricket fan with a talent for capturing the spirit of this special game in his witty prose. 
ISBN Paperback 978-0-9554217-1-6
ISBN eBook 978-0-9554217-8-5
The Girl With The Widow's Peak. Serialised by the Mail On Sunday who said "The life of society grande dame Lady Ursula d'Abo. Photographed on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, she became famous overnight as the world was captivated by her beauty. Now 98, Lady Ursula tells the story of her life." 
ISBN Hardback 978-1-907991-09-7
ISBN eBook 978-1-907991-10-3
Call Of The Litany Bird. The compelling personal account of living through the atrocities as Rhodesia became Zimbabwe, whilst bringing up a family on a farm amidst the chaos. The Spectator review described it as "a moving book, calmly written despite the horrors it details. Susan Gibbs does not indulge in self-pity.... but there is no doubt that she left her heart in Africa." 
ISBN Hardback 978-1-907991-00-4
ISBN eBook 978-1-907991-03-5
Promotional Material

An essential for every business, I produce promotional material in many forms and many styles, from advertisements for magazines, to logos, to packaging for ice cream and apple juice. I have also worked with web site developers where clients require continuity of style between printed and electronic publicity.
Company Profiles

Many businesses have an interesting story to tell, perhaps a history, perhaps celebrating some achievement. Many customers will gladly pay for and enjoy a well-produced, beautiful book about their favourite business. Or some companies decide to gift them to their best customers. Whichever route you choose, talk to me about how best to promote your business. Above are books I produced telling the history of an RAF Squadron and a long-established silversmith.
Other Projects

Of course I am happy to look at any type of design project. Above are four books, each in their own genre, that I have produced - including my first book, The Cheesemonger's Tales, in which I draw on my experience to guide you through a virtual tasting tour of cheese dairies and vineyards. A book of delightful anecdotes and useful information. Very readable.
ISBN Hardback 978-0-9554217-0-9
ISBN eBook 978-1-907991-04-2
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