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Of all the books about cricket, Mike Harfield’s ‘Not Dark Yet’ brings a rare authenticity to the subject. Written by a genuine cricketer and a genuine cricket fan with a talent for capturing the spirit of this special game in his witty prose. David Lloyd, aka Bumble, laughed so much he agreed to write the Foreword.
For over 30 years the Mike Harfield XI has withstood atrocious umpiring, dreadful hangovers, bad haircuts and a woeful lack of talent, only to encounter an even greater adversity - middle age.
What is it that makes men defy their doctors’ orders and carry on playing cricket? If it is OK for Botham and Gower to swop the rigours of the cricket field for the comfort of the studio and the golf course, why do some cricketers feel the need to carry on raging against the dying of the light?
Spiced with humour, the tales of epic annual encounters at Clifton Hampden are told alongside more modest affairs at Lords, Headingley and Old Trafford. If you love cricket, or have even a mild affection for it, you will love this book.
After my own book, The Cheesemonger's Tales, this was the first book I published. We have now sold over 17,000 copies.
Paperback available to buy from Loose Chippings. £7.99
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