ISBN Paperback 978-0-9554217-7-8     ISBN eBook 978-1-907991-08-0
As valuable in the boardroom as the kitchen. Motivational reflections on thought-provoking quotations to stimulate and guide those who are interested by life’s challenges.
Living life can be a challenge. Which path should I follow? How should I respond? What should I do? Many similar questions face us almost daily, whether it is to do with our job, our relationships or life itself.
In ‘Walk With The Wise’ Tim Binder and Ron Owen take thought-provoking quotations and offer their own ideas to stimulate and guide those who wish to understand life’s challenges.
Tim and Ron are used to helping people to make decisions regarding their lives; they have been mentors and life coaches over many years. They do not dish out answers, rather they assist people to ask themselves relevant questions, perhaps see life a little differently and find the answers which are right for them.

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