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Roy The Eagle

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Roy The Eagle

ISBN Paperback 978-0-9554217-6-1

Roy is an eagle who wears glasses and, as a result, is teased by all the other eagles. But it is Roy’s glasses that enable him to save all the other eagles when disaster strikes in the forest where they live.


Engagingly told in verse with colourful and forceful illustrations, Roy The Eagle was an instant hit when trialed with Key Stage 1 children (ages 5-6), although it can be read to younger children out loud or read by older children on their own. A teacher at one primary school described the book as brilliant and one of the children said “It is a story isn’t it, because eagles don’t wear glasses do they?”


Another school has used the book to encourage a young girl who is refusing to wear her glasses. The teacher is very impressed and is looking for a cuddly toy eagle they can put glasses on!


Children can follow Roy’s adventures as he overcomes all kinds of obstacles to discover that the very things that make him different from his friends are what brings them closer together.


The Authors


Kate O’Sullivan is a writer and journalist and lives in London.КHer favourite animal is a giraffe because, like Emma the Giraffe, she is not very tall!КWhen she is not writing she enjoys travelling around the world for treks, safaris and visiting various zoos.


David Harfield is also a writer and lives in London with Kate. As well as writing, his main passion is music but he also has a soft spot for all of the animals in the Oddtails stories!


Alex Ryan studies music and lives in Ireland. His interests also include film and art. His favourite animals are his own two cats,  Buffy and Leo, but he’ll happily draw any creature that walks the earth.



Quite simply perfect! A fantastic book with a strong message, illustrated beautifully with the cutest story! A must for every decent bookshelf and  school.

Kir Stee


I help out at the local school and will be recommending that we get some copies in for the pupils, as it’s a great tool for introducing the subject of bullying in a light-hearted way. The illustrations are fabulous - colourful and vibrant. I have no hesitation in recommending this book.

Corinna Kinchin


Catchy rhymes and loveable animals .... brilliant!

Mustafa Raniwalla


A lovely little book with a very important message. It should be in every home and every school to help spread the message that bullying people is not cool.

Genna Foden