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Some books we have published

We promote the book to our contacts in the trade and media, built up through sales of other books in our range but often an author contacting shops personally achieves the best results. We are able to secure on-line listings with the major Internet book sellers like Amazon and Waterstones. Non book trade outlets are becoming increasingly important and lateral thinking is needed to find outlets linked to the book’s subject matter.

Loose Chippings publishes books under its own imprint and also provides a service to authors wishing to self publish.


Our authors all have something interesting to say. Beyond that they are quite disparate, although so far we have published no fiction.


For authors for whom I feel we can do a good job, we set about designing a visually appealing book with the best chance of succeeding in its specific market. We cover every element needed to achieve the greatest success possible for books by our chosen authors but we believe promoting books is a partnership and we look to an author’s expertise to provide an entrée to their contacts in the key market for their book.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss any aspect of our publishing business.

For some of the books in our range, please see Books page of this site.