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Diary Of A Shropshire Lass

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Diary of a Shropshire Lass

ISBN Hardback 978-0-9554217-3-0     ISBN eBook 978-1-907991-05-9

Janet Baines witnessed momentous events at different times of her life, particularly before and during the Second World War. At other times, her life could be regarded as unexceptional, were it not for the huge upheaval society experienced in the 20th century and through which she lived.


With the intuitive editing of her daughter, Rachel-Claire, Janet covers both the exceptional and the more commonplace in a captivating way - from her period in Austria immediately before the Anschluss, through her time as a physiotherapist following the advancing armies of the Second World War, to her experiences bringing up a family in an era when entertainment moved from cinema to television, to DVD’s and iPods, and we all became used to electricity, motor cars and computers.


Right until her death in 2014 Janet remained as lively, vivacious, intelligent and formidable as ever. She represents a generation which would never lie down.



A delightful autobiography