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Call Of The Litany Bird

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Call Of The Litany Bird

ISBN Hardback 978-1-907991-00-4     ISBN eBook 978-1-907991-03-5

The compelling personal account of living through the atrocities as Rhodesia became Zimbabwe, whilst bringing up a family on a farm amidst the chaos.


As a trained nurse, newly married to the son of the Governor of Rhodesia during the UDI years, Susan writes compellingly about bringing up a family on their farm in Matabeleland in the midst of the unfolding terror and growing number of atrocities.


Above all it is a human story. Sometimes shocking and always moving, there is also warmth and humour as Susan creates a gripping picture of the conflict and tells of her family’s survival when many of her friends and neighbouring farmers didn’t.


The book is a testament to the courage displayed by so many people who were tested day after day by almost unimaginable horrors.


The Litany Bird is the popular name of the Nightjar, a largely nocturnal bird found throughout southern Africa. Its haunting call sounds like ‘Good Lord, Deliver Us.’


Foreword by Lord Carrington.


The Author


Susan Gibbs was born and brought up in Australia. In 1963 she moved to Rhodesia which was to become her home for more than twenty years. She is married with four children and now lives in England.



This is a moving book, calmly written despite the horrors it details.

The Spectator


Susan Gibbs’s extraordinary memoir. She writes vividly about her love of Africa and its people, and it is impossible not to admire her courage. Her account is threaded with amusing anecdotes.

Daily Mail


Sue Gibbs is a gifted writer. She tells a compelling personal story of bringing up a family on a farm whilst living through the harrowing times as Rhodesia became Zimbabwe. It is a wonderfully evocative read.

Tom Benyon OBE, Founder of ZANE


Deeply moving.

Douglas Hurd (Former British Foreign Secretary)


This book reminds us of the courage which they (the Gibbs) and so many of their friends and neighbours showed.

Lord Carrington (Former British Foreign Secretary)


Sometimes a book can touch a part of the soul and for me, Call Of The Litany Bird is such a one.

New Books Magazine


One really does feel, as the book progresses, the deterioration in the situation and the worries and concerns both of the white farming community and the Africans who shared so much of their lives. The definitive account.

Major General Colin Shortis (Former BMATT Commander in Zimbabwe)


A heartfelt account of human endeavour to try and lead as normal and productive lives as possible throughout grave turmoil.

New Africa Analysis


This book is a gem.

Robin Byatt CMG (Former British High Commissioner to Zimbabwe)


There are not many books which cause me to cancel any thought of doing anything else just so I can get stuck in to them, but this one did it for me today. Go buy this book, you will not be disappointed.

John Gaye (Blogger)


This is an amazing story, told with modesty and without undue drama.

Amazon ***** Review


An elegant and easy style.

Amazon ***** Review